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Prices for  2015


Type of room
High season
10.01 - 31.03
  Mid season *
01.05 - 31.09
 Off season *
01.04 - 30.04
01.10 - 21.12
Single room
135 PLN
110 PLN 95 PLN
Double room 130 PLN /  per person 100 PLN /  per person 85 PLN /  per person
Apartment Family * 440 PLN 340 PLN 280 PLN
Apartment Premium** 500 PLN 450 PLN 390 PLN
Organised groups   Możliwość negocjacji cen  


* - during the ‘long weekend’ in Poland, the high season prices are in execution
Prices include: breakfast, access to wireless Internet, gym admittance,
monitored unguarded parking lot, visitors' tax, VAT.
Children under the age of 3 - free of charge
Children between 3 and 10 years of age - 25% off
You may also request a ready-made supper; available from 4 PM to 6 PM.
Cost: 25 PLN We have cots available and will prepare them for you free of charge
(a cot needs to be requested while checking in).



Our regulations

The regulations are to ensure that your stay with us is safe, pleasant and peaceful. The management of the GABOREK Hotel&Spa is grateful for you cooperation in adhering to them.

1. Rooms are rented for the period of a hotel night, which begins at 3 PM and ends at 11 AM.

2. If a guest does not specify the time of his stay, it is assumed that he rents the room for one hotel night.

3. If a guest wishes to prolong his stay, the front desk should be notified about that at least one day before the original check-out date.

4. Requests of prolongation will be accepted only if possible.

5. The hotel provides all services according to highest standards. However, should a guest have any complaints, we ask that he immediately notifies the front desk, thus allowing us to react properly.

6. The hotel will provide:
- proper conditions for relaxing and resting,
- safety and privacy,
- professional and polite staff,
- house-keeping and appliances fixing (if necessary) when the guest is out, house-keeping on demand when the guest is in.

7. If requested, the guesthouse will provide the following (free of charge):
- information on the guest's stay and travelling,
- wake-up calls,
- storing money and other valuables during the guest's stay,
- storing the luggage of guests staying in the Guesthouse; the Guesthouse may refuse to store luggage during a time other than that of the guest's stay, or if the luggage is clearly not of a personal kind.

8. The hotel is held accountable for losing or damaging all items brought in by a guest, as described in art. 846-852 of the Polish Kodeks Cywilny, unless agreed otherwise.

9. A guest is to notify the front desk immediately upon noticing any damage.

10. The hotel is not fully accountable for the loss or damaging of money, shares, valuables, items of a great scientific or artistic value if the items were not stored in the guesthouse's deposit box.

11. The hotel offers a monitored parking lot; it is, however, unguarded, thus the Guesthouse is not held accountable for any damage or even theft of cars or other vehicles left there.

12. A guest bears pecuniary responsibility for damaging or destroying any furnishing, equipment or appliances belonging to the hotel that would result directly from the guest's actions or actions of anyone whom the guest invited over.

13. It is advised that each time a guest leaves the room, he should check if the door is locked and leave the room keycard at the front desk.

14. A guest cannot rent or sublet his room, even if his stay is still ongoing.

15. Persons who are not registered guests of our Guesthouse may stay on our premises from 7 AM to 10 PM.

16. The hotel requires all guests to kindly keep quiet during the night, that is from 10 PM to 7 AM.

17. The behaviour of guests and any persons invited in by the guests should not in any way disturb the stay of other guests. The hotel reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who does not adhere to this rule.

18. In case of a serious violation of these regulations, the hotel reserves the right to remove anyone guilty of doing so, at any time.

19. Fire safety rules are to be observed on the premises of the hotel.

20. The fire safety rules forbid to use heaters, electric irons and other similar appliances (that are not part of the room equipment) in rooms.

21. The hotel has specially designated places for ironing, along with the appliances needed; please inform the front desk if you require to use them.

22. The hotel reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who, during a past stay, violated the regulations, damaged or destroyed the hotel's furnishing, equipment or appliances, or in any way, physically or otherwise, harmed other guests, members of the staff or other persons staying at the premises of the hotel.

23. Our hotel is not adjusted to admit animals.

24. There is a strict no smoking policy in the building. Smoking is only allowed in designated places, which are marked accordingly.

25. All personal belongins left behind by a guest will be mailed to the address the guest declares. If no address has been declared, the hotel will store the items for no longer than 3 months.

26. Walking around the building in ski-boots or snowboard boots is strictly forbidden.

27. Taking food out of the dining room is not allowed.

Have a pleasant stay,
The Management of GABOREK Hotel&Spa.

Dyrekcja Pensjonatu