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Information concerning reservations. Please read carefully.

The hotel night starts at 3 PM. An earlier check-in is possible if there are rooms available. The hotel night ends at 11 AM.

If you wish to reserve a room, we require that you pay 30% of the fee as a down payment no later than two days after requesting the reservation to be made. The down payment is to be paid by a bank transfer. The title of the transfer should include the NAME under which the reservation was made, the DATES of your stay, and your PHONE NUMBER.

The remaining fee is to be paid in advance on the day of your arrival, during checking in. If, for any reason, you would have to end your stay earlier than planned, we will not reimburse your fee for the remaining days. We accept payments in cash or credit cards only.

Information required for a bank transfer:

"GABOREK" K. Gaborek, W. Gaborek Spółka Jawna
ul. Szkolna 7, 33-380 Krynica Zdrój

Account no.:
78-1020-3453-0000-8602-0109-6726 ( PKO BP oddział Nowy Sącz )

Formularz kontaktowy
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